Uli Klose

The principal aspects of his craft are
architecture, industry and art.
Hence,as a photo designer, Uli highly
appreciates working with medium and
large format system cameras as much as
he values the advantages of the digital evolution.

While graduating at the renown Lette-Verein Berlin ,
Uli became truly fascinated by the constantly
changing perspectives of the reunified city
- and has stayed so ever since.

Hermann Bredehorst

His portfolio shows what a subtle observer
Hermann Bredehorst is - be it portraiture or reportage,
he treats every subject in his own sensitive way.

His photojournalistic work has been awarded several times
and is represented by Polaris Images, NYC.

Hermann lives and works in Berlin.

Julia Lucke

doesn't stand behind the camera but as a devoted editor
behind the photographer and his work.

Julia has worked for many years at renown agencies
like StudioX, Paris and Polaris Images, NYC.

She is now your contact person at BPP.  

Holger Floß

† 2001, co-founder, mentor and precious friend,
and as a photo reporter he was a master of quiet observation
which won him the Award for Social Photography.

He mainly worked for "Die ZEIT" and "Der Spiegel"
but his reportages were published in the print media
throughout the world.